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AYSO National Coaching Program
  • The AYSO Coaching Program is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education. AYSO is the only youth soccer program that has attained this accreditation. AYSO's coach training program is truly world class!

  • Proper training is vital so AYSO coaches can deliver the AYSO program properly. Parents and Players are counting on Coaches to be trained!

  • All AYSO Coaches must complete AYSO's Safe Haven, be registered as a volunteer in eAYSO, and be accepted/authorized by their Region to be a coach for their team. Additionally:
    • U6 Coaches must complete the U6 Coach Course (2 hours) (instructor led preferred, online as a backup option).
    • U8 Coaches must complete the U8 Coach Course (2 hours) (instructor led preferred, online as a backup option).
    • U10 Coaches must complete the U10 Coach Course (3 hours) (instructor led preferred, online as a backup, online also requires instructor lead U10 Field Training).
    • U12 Coaches must complete the U12 Coach Course (5 hours).
    • U14 Coaches must complete U12 (5 hours) and the Intermediate Coach Course (15 hours). It is best to coach at least one season between U12 and Intermediate. 
    • U16 & U19 Coaches must complete U12 (5 hours), Intermediate (15 hours), and the Advanced Coach Course (18 hours). It is best to coach at least one season between Intermediate and Advanced. 
  • The National Coach Course is a 7 day course that coaches may optionally take if approved by their Region and accepted by AYSO National. National Coach candidates must have completed U12, Intermediate, and Advanced first.
  • Coaches need only take each AYSO course once but are welcome to repeat courses as refreshers.
  • Please also see the AYSO Course Catalog (pdf)

  • Coaching is a privilege. AYSO Regions must choose coaches carefully to ensure a high quality AYSO soccer experience.
  • Coaches and Referees are the face of AYSO to parents, players, and spectators. They must be AYSO role models and fulfill all duties as described in the AYSO Coach and AYSO Referee job descriptions respectively. For additional information, see AYSO's Volunteer page.
  • In AYSO, Coaches and Referees are teammates who work together to ensure a safe, fair, and fun AYSO player development experience for all players and parents.

Section 2 Coaching Staff

  Coach Administrator
Coach Trainers
 Section 2
 J.P. Marié  Jock Hamilton
 Sean O'Keefe 
 Deron Shields 
 John Keefer
 Area 2A
 Mark Andrews  Jubin Dana
 Area 2B
 Louis Skyriotis  John Keefer
 Area 2C
 Jeff McClure  Need volunteer
 Area 2D
 JP Marie  Jock Hamilton
 Area 2E
 Eric Herzog  Need volunteer
 Area 2F
 Chris Pierce  Need volunteer
 Area 2J
 Steve Altus  Mike Wilson
 Area 2N
 Charlie Drechsler  Deron Shields
 Area 2S
 Huck Thomas  Need volunteer

Upcoming Training

To find and register for a class log into eAYSO, click on " Lookup/Course" and search for a class near you.

U6, U8, U10, and U12 courses are usually offered by every region every year. See the coaches page on your region website or search in eAYSO as described above. We strongly recommend you take in person training whenever possible but U6 and U8 and U10 coaches can also take online training 24/7 if no other option is possible. A companion field session is necessary to complete the course.

For upper level courses and events offered by Section 2 and Areas within Section 2, see the AYSO Section 2 Calendar below. as well as eAYSO.

Intermediate and Advanced Coach:  Golden Gate Camp:  end of July, beginning of August

Volunteers are encouraged to also check Area and Region websites for more information about classes.

Advanced Coach, Intermediate Coach, & Coach Instructor Courses
  • The Section 2 Coach Administrator is willing to arrange additional Advanced Coach, Intermediate Coach, and Coach Instructor Courses if there is sufficient interest. The location should be centrally located to the greatest number of attendees. If interested please send an email to the Section Coach Administrator.
  • Every year in late July or early August, Section 2 offers intermediate and advanced coach and referee training at Golden Gate Camp in addition to other courses for experienced volunteers.

AYSO Soccer Camps
  • Online registration is available for AYSO Soccer Camps. More than 300 camps are held throughout the US each year. Write for more information.