Section Staff

Title Name
Section Director Yvette Barrett
Section Treasurer Rand Potter
Section Coach Administrator
Tim Oey
Section Assistant Coach Administrator   Charlie Dreschler
Section Coach Trainers Jock Hamilton & Deron Shields & John Keefer
Section Referee Administrator Ted Marsh
Section Director of Assessment Steve Jacobs
Section Director of Instruction Martin Bittner
Section Developer Greg Pierce
Section VIP Coordinator J.P. Marié
Section Conference Volunteer Coordinator Karen Matre
Section Management Administrator J.P. Marié
Section Marketing Director <open>
Section Camp Director <open>
Section Secretary Judi Richards
Section Auditor Alan Matre
Section Webmaster Kevin Mitchell
Section Tournament Director Samantha Richards
Section CVPA Samantha Richards
Section eAYSO Administrator Rand Potter
Area 2A Director
[web site]
Drew Van Horne
Area 2B Director
[web site]
Marie Nahass
Area 2C Director
[web site]
Mike Morrissey
Area 2D Director
[web site]
Jay Ballinger
 Area 2E Director
[web site]
Mark Lake
Area 2F Director
[web site]
Sandra Atkinson
Area 2J Director
[web site]
Kent Bossange
Area 2N Director
[web site]
Lorie Rakstins
Area 2S Director Shelly Parmelee
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