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Section 2 Tournament

Saturday December 12th and Sunday December 13th, 2015 in Foster City, California

Tournament Rules - 2015


Link to the Foster City AYSO Fields Page

Sea Cloud Park - fields S1, S2, S3 and S4
  • Corner of Pitcairn Drive and Sea Cloud Drive
  • Fields S1 and S2 are natural grass fields and will be used for Under-12 games
  • Fields S3 and S4 are synthetic turf fields and will be used for Under-14 games
  • A map of the fields at Sea Cloud Park can be found at the above link
  • Restrooms are available on-site
  • The Sea Cloud snack shack will be open 

Port Royal Park

  • Port Royal Ave near Edgewater Blvd. Take the 2nd Port Royal Ave exit to the right off of Edgewater - the exit 1 block past Pitcairn Drive
  • Port Royal is a synthetic turf field and will be used for Under-10 games with two fields running width-wise
  • Port Royal 1 is the field closest to the parking lot and Port Royal 2 is the field furthest from the parking lot
  • Restrooms are available on-site
Catamaran Park
  • Catamaran St near Shell Blvd
  • Catamaran is a synthetic turf field and will be used in the event that Sea Cloud Park fields S1 and S2 are closed for Under-12 games.
  • Restrooms are available on-site
Team Check-In
  • Team check-in is performed at Sea Cloud Park at the canopy next to field S3
  • Teams (Coaches and Players) must check in at least thirty (30) minutes prior to their first scheduled game. If your team is scheduled to play at Port Royal Park or Catamaran Park, please plan accordingly and add additional time.
  • Coaches must provide AYSO Player Registration forms with original ink signatures (eAYSO forms with eSignature accepted) for verification by tournament officials.
  • Coaches must provide four (4) completed AYSO Game Cards for their 3 scheduled pool play matches and possible inclusion in the finals or 3rd place game. AYSO Lineup Cards must be completed with the players in numeric order and will be stamped at check-in. Only stamped cards will be accepted for the games.
  • Official AYSO Lineup Cards can be printed from or ordered from the AYSO Store.
  • Coaches must have the AYSO Player Registration forms with them at all times and ready for presentation to Tournament Officials.
  • Late arriving players must be escorted to the check-in station by a team official along with their Player Registration Form and be cleared by the Tournament Staff before participating in any games.
  • Please review the Tournament Rules & Regulations for more information

Field Marshal Schedule