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Manny Hirschel Award

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Manny Hirschel Award

The Manny Hirschel Award is given annually at the Section 2 EXPO to a deserving individual from each Area in Section 2. The award was named after Manny Hirschel and first given to him at the Section 2 Conference in 2000 with the plan to give it out in subsequent years to other worthy members of AYSO. Manny gave many years of unselfish leadership, knowledge, commitment, and effort to the betterment of AYSO, at many levels, and to its players having safe, fun, and fair experiences. The award is intended to be given for long-term contributions at the National, Section, Area, and/or Regional level; however the winner has typically had an impact at multiple levels. Nominees are individuals who have been role models for volunteers and for players. Their actions epitomize the values and philosophy of AYSO. 

The year of the award is the membership year prior to the Section Conference/Expo.

Area 2A Winner Region or Role 
MY2020  Area A merged with J and N 
MY2019 Jane Zdepski 
MY2018 Lowell Sears 
MY2017 Jill Korpal Shanmugasundaram 
MY2016 Steve Hanson 
MY2015 Sagit Andrews 
MY2014 Beau James 
MY2013 J Drew Van HorneArea Director
MY2012 John RobbinsACA & R44 VIP Coord.
MY2011 Caroline LambertADRA and R26 RC
MY2010 Rob Schreiber
Randy Harr
past ARA
past AD and R43 RC
MY2009 none 
MY2008 Janet and Jose Nunezmodel VIP program
MY2007 Dave Elwardpast AD and R26 RC
MY2006 Maurice Bizzarripast ADRI and S2 SDRI
MY2005 Scott McGheeU16/19 Play Coordinator
MY2004 Bob ArasmithWYS developer & R44 RC
MY2003 Jann Rudkinpast AD and R44 RC
MY2002 Jim Madisonpast ACA & volunteer
MY2001 Jim Madden 
MY2000 Roy LevinN.R.C. & RRA for R26

Area 2B Winner Region or Role 
MY2023  Joe Meyer 
MY2022  Richard Ryall 
MY2019 Sam Habash 
MY2018 Ron Kratochvil
MY2017 John Keefer
MY2016 John Ford
MY2015 Mary Milliken
MY2014 Jesus Lima
MY2013 Mark Renz
MY2012 Robert Casco
MY2011 Steve Chinn
MY2010 Ted Marsh
MY2009 Greg Pierce
MY2008 Ron Kratochvil
MY2007 Heidi Pierce
MY2006 Kristina Kratochvil
MY2005 Pat King
MY2004 David Sondergeld
MY2003 Ron Kratochvil 
MY2002 Mary Milliken
MY2001 Judi Richards
MY2000 Don King  
MY1999 Manny Hirschel 

 Area 2CWinner Region or Role
 MY2023  Denis McCarthy 
 MY2022  Cathy CorumArea Treasurer/Webmaster
MY2019 Abby FleischmanR305 Concord
MY2018 Jeremiah Hiles
Scott Schulze
MY2017 Patrick Fleischman
Kim Apana
R305 Concord
MY2016 Emily Gollinger
Adrian Ponce
R328 River Delta
R1645 Riverbank
MY2015 Rick Hults
Roy Kiesler
MY2014 Dave Killeen
Derek Westphal
MY2013 Jackie PetersR305 Concord
MY2012 Sam Link
Brian Lizzarago
R1187 American Canyon
MY2011 Eric Dennis
Paul Harmenzon
MY2010 Gina PaffR281 PHMSA
MY2009 ----
MY2008 Jeff McClure 
MY2007 Brent MorrisonR281 PHMSA
MY2006 John MaltesterR281 PHMSA
MY2005 Dave LewisR1187 American Canyon
MY2004 -- 
MY2003 -- 
MY2002 -- 
MY2001 -- 
MY2000 -- 

 Area 2DWinner Region or Role
MY2023 Alissa Clark 
MY2022 Katie Lyon 
MY2019 Nathan Sweetman 
MY2018 Cem Bolkan 
MY2017 Annette Sweetman 
MY2016 JP Marie 
MY2015 Alan Lee 
MY2014 Jennifer Boschee-Danzer 
MY2013 -- 
MY2012 Michael Karoly 
MY2011 -- 
MY2010 -- 
MY2009 -- 
MY2008 Jock Hamilton 
MY2007 Joe Hopelian 
MY2006 Alan Matre 
MY2005 Jarlene Cordonnier 
MY2004 Greg Barrow 
MY2003 -- 
MY2002 -- 
MY2001 -- 
MY2000 -- 

 Area 2EWinner Region or Role
 MY2023 Bob Barkley 
My2022Vanessa Knotts 
MY2019 Chris Lanski 
MY2018 James McGreevy 
MY2017 Sabrina Cassens
Nathan Cassens
MY2016 Lisa Thacker 
MY2015 Jennifer Garrett 
MY2014 Connie Brinkerhoff 
MY2013 -- 
MY2012 Manuel Arellano 
MY2011 -- 
MY2010 -- 
MY2009 -- 
MY2008 Lisa & John Morgan 
MY2007 Diane Madigan 
MY2006 Tammy Bressem 
MY2005 Diane Madigan 
MY2004 -- 
MY2003 -- 
MY2002 -- 
MY2001 -- 
MY2000 -- 


 Area 2FWinner Region or Role
MY2023 Tami Anderson 
MY2022Mike Kahlich 
MY2019 Jon Hager 
MY2018 Dave Kawchack 
MY2017 Sequoia Rohr 
MY2016 Ed Johns 
MY2015 Joe Griego 
MY2014 Stacie Gunderson 
MY2013 -- 
MY2012 Stuart Brown 
MY2011 -- 
MY2010 -- 
MY2009 -- 
MY2008 Yvette Barrett 
MY2007 Galeen Stratton 
MY2006 Cookie Oren 
MY2005 Bill Collins 
MY2004 Traci Ferrante 
MY2003 Kyle & Linda Adams 
MY2002 -- 
MY2001 -- 
MY2000 -- 

 Area 2JWinner Region or Role
MY2023James Kunz 
MY2022  Jose Payne 
MY2019 Alex White 
MY2018 Al Villareal
Rex Wright
MY2017 Eric Huang 
MY2016 Victor Morales 
MY2015 Charlie Bedard
Karlina Ott
MY2014 Uttam Saha
Michael Siu
MY2013 Tim Oey2-J-64, West San Jose
MY2012 Brad Gallaher2-J-64, West San Jose
MY2011 Bob Hopkins 
MY2010 Karen Sloan 
MY2009 Randy Ristau2-J-64, West San Jose
MY2008 Sean O'Keefe2-J-64, West San Jose
MY2007 Kent Bossange2-J-27, Saratoga
MY2006 Art Zimmermann2-J-64, West San Jose
MY2005 Howard Miller2-J-27, Saratoga
MY2004 Rosie Go2-J-64, West San Jose
MY2003 Van Nelson2-J-27, Saratoga
MY2002 Jesse Martinez2-J-35, Cupertino
MY2001 Mark Linsky2-J-27, Saratoga
MY2000 John Muskivitch2-J-35, Cupertino

 Area 2NWinner Region or Role
MY2023Paul Briant 
 MY2022  Angela Teldeschi 
MY2019 Eliot Alfi 
MY2018 Sergio Raddavero 
MY2017 Jon Burt 
MY2016 George Butterworth 
MY2015 Robert Bierman 
MY2014 Michael Cassidy
Craig Wallace
MY2013 Meeks Vaughan 
MY2012 Clayton Wishoff  
MY2011 Martin Bittner 
MY2010 Lorie Rakstins 
MY2009 Charlie Drechler 
MY2008 Deron Shields 
MY2007 Jeannine Holper 
MY2006 Rand Potter 
MY2005 Gene Batter 
MY2004 Sonny Mencher 
MY2003 Ken Rhoads 
MY2002 Erik Hauser 
MY2001 Keith Blackley 
MY2000 -- 

 Area 2SWinner Region or Role
MY2023 Nicole Chapman 
MY2022Vince Waterhous 
MY2019 Jennifer Denver 
MY2018 Luke Cotton 
MY2017 Andy Ungerer 
MY2016 Tricia Costa 
MY2015 Erick Juarez 
MY2014 Mark Baur 
MY2013 -- 
MY2012 Duston Denver 
MY2011 -- 
MY2010 -- 
MY2009 -- 
MY2008 Heather Dircksen 
MY2007 John Park 
MY2006 -- 
MY2005 Craig Dircksen 
MY2004 -- 
MY2003 -- 
MY2002 -- 
MY2001 -- 
MY2000 -- 

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